Customer Communication module

The Customer Communicatien module is built in full compliance with the Claire process to reduce delays in your workplace.


  • Faster handling of key delivery.
  • Easier to sell additional work by supporting photos/videos.
  • Less hassle with customers who are difficult to reach by telephone
  • Less outgoing telephone traffic. 
  • Clear communication about work performed.

In three simple steps 

1. Online check-in

Your customer has the option to check in his or her car online prior to the appointment. Here the customer can already agree to agreed work. Additional comments can also be added and additional services can be offered. 

2. Diagnosis rapport

After the additional work has been mapped out, you can send a digital quote to the customer: the diagnosis overview. Customers can agree to additional work found on their own smartphone, PC or tablet. You can see the approved items in Claire's dashboard.

3. Repair overview

After all work has been carried out, you can inform your customer with 1 click that his or her car is ready. The customer receives the repair overview including the photos/videos taken and therefore has a clear picture of the work performed. 


The customer communication module offers faster and improved communication with both the customer and the workplace. Now that you know the advantages of this module, the next question is: what should I do if I want to start with the customer communication module? 

Here we offer you 2 options:

1. You can start with the module independently. We ensure that everything is ready for use and that you have access to the articles with explanations.

2. Training on location. In half a day we help your employees to familiarize themselves with the use of the customer communication module and to experience the benefits. 


5 hours of guidance on location at 95,- per hour = €475,- excl. VAT

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