The Keylocker offers your customers the opportunity to quickly and effortlessly hand over their car keys. To avoid waiting on busy days at the service desk. This method provides you with an efficient flow and reduces the workload at the reception. Your customers can choose for themselves whether they want to use the Keylocker. 

Simple and personal

When you arrive at the Keylocker, the welcome screen will appear on the display. This screen explains step-by-step how simply personal data can be filled in, checked in and be confirmed.


  1. Reducing workload at the reception and peak hours in the morning and late afternoon.
  2. Efficient key delivery. 
  3. More effective organization of the after-sales process. 
  4. Increase appearance/experience/brand identity. 
  5. Promote ancillary services. 

    What will succeed?

    • Less long waiting lines for the customer.
    • Work pressure reduction.
    • More time for personal attention at the service desk counter.
    • Gives the customer the choice: fast and contactless or with personal attention from the receptionist. 
    • More sales of promotional and margin items. 

    How does the Keylocker work?

    Step 1: Authentication

    The Autentication is done with a PIN code. This can be obtained by entering the registration number, email address or telephone number. 

    Step 2: Check and validate contact details 

    The customer's contact details can be checked and confirmed by means of the confirmation email. 

    Step 3: Check work appointment 

    The customer can view the appointment list on the touchscreen and add any comments. If all data is correct, the customer can digitally sign this data. 

    Step 4: Place your key in the locker

    After confirming the contact details and appointment list, a locker is opened in which the customer can place his or her car key in it. Then click the confirm button on the touchscreen to complete the process. 

    The mechanic gets to work

    The mechanic receives a message on the tablet that there is a key in the locker. He scans the QR code with the tablet to get the key from the locker so he can start with the work. 

    Impression video

    Successful collaboration 

    After a successful collaboration at the end of 2021, together with Emil Frey Nederland and RAP Media, the first Keylocker was put into work at the Terwolde Renault Dealer in Assen. 


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