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Digital work order

Digital work orders have replaced traditional paper forms and provide a more efficient way to manage tasks. This results in faster execution, higher accuracy and improved customer satisfaction.

Warranty dashboard

Claire Automotive Support's Warranty Dashboard gives you a clear overview of all items marked as warranty or recall. Always and everywhere.

Customer Communication module

The Customer Communication module is built fully in line with the Claire process to reduce delays in your workplace.

Leads dashboard

The Leads dashboard allows you to defer items at work order line level to a specific date or next workshop visit.


The Keylocker allows your customers to transfer their car keys quickly and effortlessly. Thus avoiding waiting times at the service counter on busy days.

SMS functionality

Did you know that SMS messages have an opening rate that is often up to 98% higher than that of e-mail, WhatsApp or other communication channels?


Through the Claire TrainerCentral platform, Claire users, such as receptionists and mechanics, can attend training courses to become better at using Claire.


Our digital day planner helps the user to manage the work of the mechanics. It allows you to view all the work orders that are scheduled and assigned for that day.