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Increase the revenue on every workshop visit! 

A process-driven tool that helps running the after sales process like a well-oiled machine.
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We are Claire. We're here for any ambitious automotive company; for those who strive for a more efficient future and for those who believe that digitalized processes in the workshop will lead to the ultimate customer experience.  

Claire was founded at a traditional car dealership, which was searching for a solution to their inefficient processes. 

Years later, Claire has grown to be the software solution for any automotive company. Our goal is to make your aftersales process as easy as possible, for everyone. 

Claire helps digitalize the aftersales process from beginning to end. 

Work 40% more efficient

Lose less time to waiting, unnecessary walks and reduction of miscommunication regarding work orders. 

Increase in billable hours

An increase of billable hours per mechanic from 1400 hours to 1600 hours. 

Increase of revenue per work order 

An average increase of revenue per work order from €35 to €55 per 

Increased customer satisfaction

Increase in customer satisfaction and loyalty, as a result of being open, quicker and transparent. 

Digitalizing your paper work orders and much more... 

By connecting your DMS/GMS to Claire we facilitate your digital work orders, complete with all information you're used to. 

No more deciphering handwriting as all notes are stored digitally, including the option to save voice memos. All work is made transparent by including photos and videos.

Claire is more than just a simple digital work order; with Claire you have access to: 

  • DfT data 

  • Vehicle history (interventions that aren't carried out, checklist history, previous work orders)

  • Factory systems (ELSA, Servicebox, etc)

Communicate additional work digitally 

Transparant communication towards your customers, including pictures and/or video's. Customers will always know what they're paying for and will feel involved in the after sales process.

Digital agreement on any work 

Your customers can digitally approve any additional work. That saves time!

With one push of a button... 

User friendliness is the number one concern for Claire. With one push of a button, the interactive offer is sent. This allows the user to view and approve any (additional) work. 

Flexible checklists for a Electronic Vehicle Health Check (EVHC)

By working with the same checklists on every incoming car, you ensure finding additional work and reduce the chance of repeat visits.  

The checklists are customized per company or brand and all the data is saved digitally. This way, you create a checklist-history for each individual car, which gives you valuable insights regarding to-be-done work for the customers' next visit. 

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