Higher aftersales efficiency in the 6ft society 

09.03.21 01:15 PM Comment(s) By Antoine

The new reality, created by the Corona virus, has also affected processes in the automotive industry. No industry hasn't felt the effects of this pandemic. The recent introduction of the Claire Communication module has everything in store to optimize the digital contact with your customers. 

Need to improve 

The need for car dealers to improve internal processes has become apparent in a recent study by Tim Hoogerwaard under the title "From PUSH to PULL?!". "The numbers are clear and it appears that there is still much to be gained when it comes to your internal processes. The car dealer must ensure that its business model is improved internally in order to survive in the future."

The sales and after-sales turnover is still increasing, but the results (profit) is actually decreasing. For example, you have more mechanics, who make less billable hours. "The average car dealership does not have their after sales processes sorted. It’s the result of a non-standardized and old-fashioned after sales process." He notices a lot of paperwork (literally) and also tons of systems that cause too many things to have to be done twice. The result: lack of clarity and a lot of inefficiency.

That can and should be done differently, better. Knowing that the after sales market for dealers is 6.5 times larger than the market for sales, it makes sense to focus on the after sales market. Work that is not done right and/or on time the first time costs your company money, returns and customers. That is everything but operational excellence.

Operational excellence

Claire Automotive Support can help car dealers to achieve operational excellence in the after sales process. By working with Claire, you eliminate inefficient processes, minimize waste and it responds to the real needs of the customer. One of the most common consumer frustrations with after sales is unclear and/or poor communication.

Online check-in

The Online Check-in module gives the customer the opportunity to check in his/her car prior to the workshop appointment and to approve the agreed work, i.e. digitally signing the work order. In addition, the customer is (semi) automatically offered additional activities or promotions depending on the brand, type and age of the car. When the customer comes to bring the car after checking in online, all he/she has to do is hand in the keys.

Written by: Aftersales Magazine.


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