5 reasons to start working with digital work orders 

09.03.21 01:15 PM Comment(s) By Antoine

Most sales orders have been digital for about ten years now, but that step has not yet been taken in the workshop of most dealerships. Why do we still fill in work orders with pen and paper? We will give you 5 reasons to start working with digital work orders:

  1. No more doctor's handwriting.It's not always easy to read your colleagues' scribblings. How nice would it be if all notes had the same font? This would avoid many misunderstandings within the process.
  2. No more searching for work orders lying around. Now you have all of your work orders in one digital overview, so you know exactly what the 'real-time' status of the passage is.
  3. Save paper.With Claire, the use of paper work orders is in the past. Do you have any idea how much money your company could save on printing and paper per year? With Claire’s digital work orders you will help both the environment and your wallet.
  4. No more archiving. Work orders are automatically and digitally archived, this saves a lot of time and hassle. Not only with cleaning up or scanning work orders, but also for looking up old work orders.
  5. No more walking and waiting. Mechanics can be so much more productive when they no longer have to go to the reception or warehouse with the paper work order. Instead the mechanic can upload all information in Claire and continue working. 

Higher efficiency in the workshop starts with small things. The technician or receptionist walking back and forth to ask for clarity from a colleague is a very normal thing within car dealerships, while this could cost 30 minutes per technician per day! What if we could turn that wasted time into productive (billable) hours? What would that do for your company? 


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