Starting with Claire? This is how it works! 

29.12.22 11:15 AM Comment(s) By Kelly

In this blog, we will describe as to how Claire implementation at Bariseau Mottrie in the cities of Kortrijk and leper was successful.
It is quite a challenge to switch your working method from a paper to a digital. That is why proper preparation and supervision is important.

The preparation

Once the choice to go ahead has been made, we then started with an online meeting, where all back-office employees were included. The basics of Claire's missions were explained, and everyone's questions were answered. By right away involving employees, we are receiving valuable feedback on how we can best organize Claire for them before the implementations start date.


During the online meeting, we visited a customer who has been working with Claire for several years with a limited group. It was giving employees insight as to how Claire works in practice, meanwhile it was also allowing them to ask questions to users. This way they were hearing the benefits from people who work with Claire on a daily basis.

The implementation!

Two locations were starting in the same week. Each of the location received two days of "on-site" guidance on the work-floor from Claire consultant(s).

On day one, everyone is adjusting, letting go of the familiar work-order on a sheet of paper and learning to read Claire's dashboard. On that day, resistance is quite normal. On the second day it is already more comfortable and everyone is starting to find their way in the system.


The first two days were devoted to learning the basic functionalities of Claire.
For mechanics this meant:
  • Recording additional work(and therefore no longer handwritten);
  • Learning which checklists is to be used;
  • Taking photos and videos.

For service advisors this meant:

  • Making optimal use of the Claire dashboard;
  • Processing quotation and customer agreement in Claire;
  • Learning to make assignment to the mechanic;
  • Pinning an item in Claire as related to a warranty claim.

The aftercare

Our consultants were monitoring their progress online. Daily short call with the aftersales manager was being scheduled to discuss the progress and report any comments or tips. A commitment was made that Claire will have a "return day" to ensure a successful transition was done. 


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