Do you get the most out of your tire changes? 

13.04.22 02:25 PM Comment(s) By Naomi

The tire is a crucial product, not only for the safety of the car and the driver, but also when it comes to after sales. It is a product that generates a lot of customer contact and is also an important revenue generator within the company, especially during the tire change weeks.

The tire change weeks start every year around the last week of October and the last week of March and most dealers mainly focus on changing as many winter tires as possible to summer tires (and vice versa). But the tire change weeks are about much more than just changing tires as quickly as possible, it is the perfect opportunity to check the customer's car extra. Think about:

- Checking the air conditioning.
- Top up coolant.
- If the customer changes from winter to summer tires in time, the car consumes less fuel. Your customers will be grateful for that with the current gas prices ;)

These points are often skipped because we believe that the customer does not want to have them checked. But in reality, the customer would rather wait 10 minutes longer, so that you have time to check these points, than have to come back in a few weeks for a new appointment.



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