Hey car salesman, have you reached your targets yet?

13.04.22 02:17 PM Comment(s) By Naomi

In the automotive industry we are always busy to get as many leads as possible for the sellers. We see all kinds of things: advertisements on social media, promotions and sales-related events. But have you ever thought about generating leads from aftersales?

When the workshop department works with Claire's digital work order, a lot of valuable information is recorded. Not only for aftersales, but also for the sales department. Thanks to Claire, customers have the opportunity to indicate, in the online check-in module, whether they would like a no-obligation valuation of their car.

Practice shows that 5% of these workshop appointments request a valuation. Without anyone having to do anything for it. Of those appraisals, an average of 30% buy another car. A fact: thanks to the low-threshold way of asking for a valuation, you sell 15 more cars per 1000 workshop appointments!

Leads are also created for the after-sales department by working with Claire. The service advisor has the option to postpone work that we were not allowed to perform today to the next workshop visit or a specific date.

Start generating leads from aftersales today.

For more information, please contact Tim Hoogerwaard at tim@claireit.eu.


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