Are you looking for HOT LEADS? You already got them!

09.03.21 01:15 PM Comment(s) By Antoine

The term LEADS has become indispensable in the car industry. In fact, complete tools and companies have been established to track, manage, edit and control leads. Sometimes external leads are purchased, sometimes we get them from DMS or GMS or they are supplied by importers or external suppliers. Leads are no longer just for the sales department, good leads are also becoming increasingly important for after-sales.

Every lead seems to have the goal of realizing turnover, which means that we are willing to spend money in order to achieve this goal. Leads can cost between €1.50 and €500,00 each, depending on the quality and the revenue potential.

You can therefore see a lead as a path to turnover, a path that always starts with a need of a customer or a prospect! But shouldn't satisfying the customer's needs be the goal? And isn't turnover the logical consequence of that? The better we are able to hit and solve the customer's relevant needs, the higher the reward.

We can divide customer needs into 2 categories:

  • Active needs (acute desire or need, 25% of total needs)
  • Latent needs (subconsciously present and needs activation, 75% of total needs)

We are not necessarily aware of it, but the very best and largest “lead generator” is your own workshop! The information that we (can) collect there provides many relevant starting points to trigger the customer at the right time in his or her active or latent need. Information that you (can) collect, categorize, classify, plan and send out yourself. How great is that!? Stop burning your money: use what you have!


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