How a transparent aftersales process can contribute to customer satisfaction

13.04.22 02:02 PM Comment(s) By Naomi

Do you recognize this too? Lived by the issues of the day in the after-sales department, something that applies every day and which not only has an effect on customer satisfaction, but also on the workload of your employees.

The chaos within the process creates ambiguity and miscommunication, which causes actions to be performed that the customer has not asked for or actions to not be performed that the customer has requested. A digital after-sales process ensures that all customers are optimally served by means of a standardized working method and digital recording.
Your customer feels more involved in the process when he/she is kept informed about possible costs and progress by means of a photo or video, processed in a transparent overview.

With the transparent and clear communication of all completed work (including photos and videos) and any additional work that is found on the basis of predefined (and adjustable) checklists, your customer feels involved in the process. In addition, a digital after-sales process ensures that everyone in the process can keep track of the status of the work order in real time. This ensures that there is less unnecessary walking and that waiting times for the customer are shorter.

So, by working clear, faster and transparent with the help of a digital aftersales process, you ensure that customer satisfaction increases. And we all know that a happy customer is a returning customer!


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