How to reduce the workload for your employees

31.01.22 03:19 PM Comment(s) By Naomi

It seems to be an increasing 'problem': high workloads.

In 2020, the workload in the Netherlands was higher than ever. Despite the fact that these figures have now decreased, the workload remains high (partly due to the corona crisis). Relieving the pressure at work has therefore become very important. If this does not happen, the risk of long-term outages and, in some cases, the economic damage will be enormous.

We already talked about moving work to the customer in a previous blog. But there are more solutions like this one:

Working 'off stage'. This was already more common outside the automotive industry, but it can also be applied within the automotive industry. How nice is it that by working from home, your service advisor is disturbed less often and they can do their work digitally and in real-time.

Also central guarantee employees can work faster and undisturbed in this way. Where we see that warranty advisors make a round every week to various branches to collect the paper workorders, they can now view the files that need their help digitally and in real-time. And again, they are not disturbed by people who come to their desks to ask any questions.

In addition, you can help your receptionist by installing a keylocker, where your customers can leave their keys in a safe and at the same time leave comments, adjust contact details themselves and digitally approve the work order. Not only does this save workload for your receptionist, but it saves your customers (valuable) time.

In other words, centralizing and digitizing your aftersales process. With this you do not only create a digital overview in which everything is easy to find, but a lower workload by reduced walking and less and shorter waiting times.



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