Inform your customers with one click of a button

12.05.21 08:21 AM Comment(s) By Antoine

  • It saves time and annoyance
  • Brings clarity and customer satisfaction
  • Corona proof and environmentally friendly

I'm sure we all recognize it: 3:45 pm, the phone starts ringing again at the workshop reception. Mostly calls from customers who brought their car in the morning and would normally pick up the car again around 5 pm. Every day there are a number of these customers who still call to see if the car is ready before the given time.. Often the car is already ready and we were too late to notify the customer. The back office or call center answers the phone and tries to reach the reception. The reception is just finalizing an invoice, they already have a customer at the counter or they are on the phone with another customer. When the customer finally comes through, we have to do something. Serviceable as we are, we will of course take a look at the status of their car: has the part already arrived? Technician ready? Have we washed your car yet? Invoice already created? Car ready

What if we could eliminate this time waster from the daily bucket of annoyances? Could that provide peace of mind, overview and customer satisfaction?

What if we can prevent these annoyances with 1 push of a button and thereby also provide the customer a transparent overview of everything that has been observed and implemented in the car and where the focus areas are for the next time?  That would add value and save you a lot of time! 

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