Research: Paper vs. Digital in after sales

01.09.22 11:16 AM Comment(s) By Kelly

An independent time study has recently been conducted on the usefulness of a digital service process. Several car companies were compared with each other and the differences between a paper aftersales process and a digital aftersales process became clear.

The most important facts:
  • The average time spent per order processing (from appointment to invoice) is 

    almost 28% lower in a digital process than in a paper process.

  • The turnover per work order in the digital process is no less than 36% higher than in the paper process!

In addition, the study drew the following conclusions:

  • The digital process steps show a time saving of 28% and 16% fewer meters walked.
  • In the digital process, more time is spent on customer contact, especially during acceptance/issuance.
  • Working digitally shows a 36% higher work order amount.


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