Shifting work from your company to your customer?

31.01.22 03:00 PM Comment(s) By Naomi

Shifting work from your company to the customer: it happens more and more.

At a number of supermarkets, you can scan and pay for your groceries yourself without staff having to attend(other than checks). Several airlines allow you to check in in advance to avoid queues and long waiting times. It has been shown that customer appreciation and customer satisfaction increase when you offer the customer the choice between, for example, a self-scan and a cash register. And satisfied customers are lasting customers. Why aren't we doing this in the car business yet?

Especially in the time we live in now, in which 1,5 meters/6 ft distance is still required, there are plenty of options that we can offer the customer to minimize their contacts with others. The companies mentioned above do not only offer a contactless option, but also a 'personal' option such as the usual checkout with cashier or the check-in desk with staff who can help you with your questions. You can offer the customer the same choice in the car company:

Deliver the keys to the receptionist, to whom they can indicate their wishes or complaints regarding the car OR the fastlane for key delivery in a keylocker, where they can leave comments, adjust contact details themselves and digitally approve the work order.

Not only does this save the customer (mainly in the morning) waiting in line at the service desk, it also saves your service advisors time. Time that he or she can use to serve the customers who need it even more personally.

So, it is also possible in the car company to shift work from the company to the customer! When will you offer your customers the option?



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