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The year 2020 should have been a year in which innovative developments in the automotive industry would follow each other in rapid succession. The year of EASCY – Electric, Autonomous, Shared, Connected, Yearly – and the digitization of the mostly traditional garages and brand dealerships. Which of ...

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Higher aftersales efficiency in the 6ft society 

Need to improve 

The need for car dealers to improve internal processes has become apparent in a recent study by Tim Hoogerwaard under the title "From PUSH to PULL?!". "The numbers are clear and it appears that there is still much to be gained when it comes to your internal proces...

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5 reasons to start working with digital work orders 

Most sales orders have been digital for about ten years now, but that step has not yet been taken in the workshop of most dealerships. Why do we still fill in work orders with pen and paper? We will give you 5 reasons to start working with digital work orders:

  1. No more doctor's handwriting.It's ...
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It is time to replace your traditional after-sales processes! 

The pressure on after sales is growing. On the one hand, there is an (apparent) shortage of skilled personnel. On the other hand, fixed costs are high and employees experience a high workload and changing consumer behaviour. Partly due to inefficiency within the traditional after-sales process, the ...

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Are you looking for HOT LEADS? You already got them!

The term LEADS has become indispensable in the car industry. In fact, complete tools and companies have been established to track, manage, edit and control leads. Sometimes external leads are purchased, sometimes we get them from DMS or GMS or they are supplied by importers or external suppliers. Le...

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