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How a transparent aftersales process can contribute to customer satisfaction

Do you recognize this too? Lived by the issues of the day in the after-sales department, something that applies every day and which not only has an effect on customer satisfaction, but also on the workload of your employees.

The chaos within the process creates ambiguity and miscommunication, which c...

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Keylocker at Emil Frey 

At the end of 2021, the first Express check-in kiosk was taken into use by Emil Frey at the location of Terwolde B.V. Renault in Assen.

With the current digitalization of many processes in the automotive industry, digitalization in the after-sales process cannot be left behind. We started working on ...
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How to reduce the workload for your employees

It seems to be an increasing 'problem': high workloads.

In 2020, the workload in the Netherlands was higher than ever. Despite the fact that these figures have now decreased, the workload remains high (partly due to the corona crisis). Relieving the pressure at work has therefore become very importan...

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Shifting work from your company to your customer?

Shifting work from your company to the customer: it happens more and more.

At a number of supermarkets, you can scan and pay for your groceries yourself without staff having to attend(other than checks). Several airlines allow you to check in in advance to avoid queues and long waiting times. It has ...

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A paperless workshop: faster and more efficient 

When we think of sustainability and environmental awareness, we often think of solar panels, reducing the use of plastic, and using green energy. But what few companies realize is that paperless or even paperless working has a major impact on the environment. The paper industry is the fifth largest ...

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